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Location: North Island


  • Tongariro Northern Circuit

    From NZ$319.00*
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    43.1 km / 4 days

    The Tongariro Northern Circuit is considered challenging. Travel around the volcanic cone of Mt Ngauruhoe and below the volcanic cone of Mt Tongariro. These volcanos give this great walk a landscape like no other with crater lakes, jagged lava flow formations and volcanic cones. Learn More
  • Whanganui Journey

    From NZ$459.00*

    88 km / 3 days

    Although this is a river journey, the Whanganui is part of the Great Walks network. This multi day canoe trip takes you winding though mountains to the Tasman Sea through a landscape of valleys & hills in the central west of the North Island. Minimum of two travellers for this to run. Learn More

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